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Last modified: July 03, 2010.

New software and updates added!

We have added new software and also update some of our other software. Please check it out and feel free to let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy it!

IMPORTANT NOTICE About Randomaze 3D!

It has been discovered that when using themes with Randomaze 3D one or more of the theme folders may not get discovered and those themes could not be used. It you are running a version of randomaze older than 1.3.5 it is highly recommended that you download and install the latest version. Even if you are not having problems with themes at this time there is a high probability that you may still have them in the future!

If at any time you have downloaded and installed one of our themes and it did not work please feel free to download the latest Randomaze version and try it again. We feel sure we have corrected the problem and the themes should work correctly now. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any problems, questions, or comments feel free to contact us.

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Coming Soon: The Midnight Hour Theme, The Dungeon Theme, More User-Submitted Themes, ThemeBuilder, and more!

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Mark's home page

Don't forget to check out my home page. Who knows what you may find there!

If you enjoy my software...

I have spent many hours creating my software and many more hours making updated versions so that it will be as useful and error free as possible. I have designed this software for two reason. First, I really enjoy creating it and second, I want you to enjoy using it! All of my software is available free of charge. I do however have a simple request. If you like my software and want me to continue to release more, please tell others about my website.

Also check out my 'MarcaSoft products' at the MarcaSoft Online Store. If you see something you like and decide to purchase it, you will help support my efforts to keep the software coming!

Thank you,
Mark Davis

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