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MarcaSoft Screen Saver

MarcaSoft screen saver, now better than ever! Version 2.2 now supports more image types, giving the user more flexability when selecting custom images. We have also greatly decreased the size of the screen saver causing it to take up much less space on your hard drive!

In Version 2.1, we have made changes that cause it to work properly with multiple users on computers running an NT based Windows operating system. This version also has changes that will cause it to be more compatible with other MarcaSoft programs

This new MarcaSoft screen saver was written to replace the old MarcaSoft and Beef Baron Screen Savers. Problems with the previews in both caused this to be needed. While doing this we decided to add a few images and to make it where a user could use his or her own custom images. We also smoothed up the graphics quite a bit.

[Download] MarcaSoft Screen Saver 2.23 (508KiB)
[Docs] MarcaSoft Screen Saver 2.23 Release Notes
[Screenshot] MarcaSoft Screen Saver (configuration window)

Marty the Kitty Screen Saver

Notice: A problem was found with version 1.0 that caused a single image to be dispalyed. The images did not change to match the story of Marty. This problem has now been corrected.

Here it is, as promised!! The Marty screen saver. This screen saver is perfect for those of you who love cats as much as my wife and I do. It contains a little history about Marty the cat and pictures of one of the most handsome cats in the world. (OK, so were a little prejudiced!) We hope you like it anyway.

[Download] Marty the Kitty Screen Saver 1.23 (1.41MiB)
[Docs] Marty the Kitty Screen Saver 1.23 Release Notes

Marty has his own home page complete with pictures and everyting. Take a look and see what you think!

Screen Saver Controller

The Screen saver controller is an easy way to enable, disable, or activate your screen saver without having to open window after window. Just right click the controller icon in the system tray and all of these options are available to you with a single click. If you are ready to walk away from your computer and want to activate your screen saver, just double click the controller icon and watch your screen saver appear! To make the controller run automatically every time you log on, just drop a shortcut to the controller in the startup folder of your start menu. It's as simple as that.

[Download] Screen Saver Controller 1.04 (243KiB)
[Docs] Screen Saver Controller 1.04 Release Notes

Screen Saver Randomizer

Have you ever wished you could see a different screen saver every time you look at your computer? Well now, you can!! No more having to periodically change screen savers to keep from getting bored! The Screen saver randomizer picks a different screen saver each time it becomes active. Just install the Screen saver randomizer the same way you would any other screen saver and then set up the screen saver list and options the way you would like them. The Randomizer will select a new screen saver each time it becomes active!

Please note: The Screen saver randomizer is an actual screen saver and not a program that changes desktop settings. It does not in any way effect the configuration of your system. You install and run the randomizer the same way you would any other screen saver.

[Download] Screen Saver Randomizer 1.04 (163KiB)
[Docs] Screen Saver Randomizer 1.04 Release Notes
[Screenshot] Screen Saver Randomizer (configuration window)

Our thanks to Jon Baker for the use of his screensaver component. Thanks Jon!!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them! Please feel free to contact me at: support @

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