Randomaze 3-D

The idea for Randomaze 3-D came to a young boy and grew throughout the years along with the boy. Finally, about twenty-five years later it became a reality. A randomly generated three-dimensional maze beyond this one boy's wildest dreams! I just hope you have as much fun playing it as I have had making it!

[Download] Randomaze 3-D version 1.35 (1.39MiB)
[Documentation] Randomaze 3-D Instructions
[Documentation] Randomaze 3-D 1.35 Release Notes
[Screenshot] Main Window
[Screenshot] Game Window (Back to Basics)
[Preview] Maze (animated)

Randomaze 3-D Themes

Although Randomaze only has one basic theme, it is designed so that it can be played with many different themes. Each of these themes can have different graphics, sounds, and messages. We are now in the process of designing several themes and hope to have them ready soon.

[Documentation] Theme Instructions

The Great Outdoors

This Theme utilizes even more of the customization capabilities of Randomaze 3-D Themes.

[Download] The Great Outdoors (2.02MiB)
[Screenshot] The Great Outdoors (game window)
[Preview] The Great Outdoors (animated)

[Screenshot] User-Submitted Themes

Themes created and submitted by other people.

Zelda submitted by C. Scott Davis [[Download] download (222KiB)] [[Documentation] description] [[Screenshot] screenshot]

Creating Randomaze 3-D Themes

Create your own Randomaze 3-D Themes.

[Documentation] How to create a theme
[Documentation] Descriptions of all Theme elements

Blank Theme

Use this Blank Theme as a template for creating Randomaze 3-D Themes.

[Download] Blank Theme (26KiB)
[Documentation] Using the Blank Theme as a Template

Sample Theme

This Sample Theme demonstrates some of the elements that can be customized in a Randomaze 3-D Theme.

[Download] Sample Theme (277KiB)
[Documentation] Using the Sample Theme
[Screenshot] Sample Theme (game window)

Randomaze 3-D Theme Builder *coming soon*

An easier way to create Randomaze 3-D Themes.

[Screenshot] Main Window
[Screenshot] Template Settings
[Screenshot] Test Images

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them! Please feel free to contact me at: support @ marcasoft.com.

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